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Attachment Parenting (AP) is a philosophy based in the practice of nurturing parenting practices that create strong emotional bonds, also known as secure attachment, between the infant and parent(s). This style of parenting encourages responsiveness to the infant or child's emotional needs, and develops trust that their emotional needs will be met. As a result, this strong attachment helps the child develop secure, empathic, peaceful, and enduring relationships.

Attachment Parenting International (API) is an organization that networks with parents, professionals and like-minded organizations around the world. In addition to providing assistance in forming Attachment Parenting support groups, API provides educational materials, research information, consultative, referral and speaker services to promote Attachment Parenting concepts.

The Central Austin Chapter offers a supportive environment for the discussion of attachment parenting issues where parents are encouraged to freely attend to the needs of their child during meetings. We believe attachment parenting behaviors facilitate secure attachment. These behaviors include education for prepared childbirth and child development, breastfeeding as the ideal food for optimum nutrition and for comfort, responding sensitively to baby's cues, and keeping baby physically close. 

Starting in 2014, the two Austin API chapters will be trading off hosting duties, with each chapter hosting every other month.  South Austin API will host first in January and Central API will host next in February.  South Austin meeting days are the third Tuesdays, while Central Austin meeting days are the third Wednesdays of the specified month. 

Meeting Information: 

Unless otherwise noted, meetings for 2014 will be held the third Wednesday of every even-numbered month (Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, and Dec) at 10:15 at the Yarborough Branch Library - 2200 Hancock Drive.  Please visit our upcoming topics page for a detailed schedule. 

Please also note that the South Austin API group will be meeting the third Tuesday of every odd-numbered month, so you can always join us there, too, if that time is more convenient for you or you simply want more connection and support.

We welcome all parents, children, and other interested friends or family members.  Although our meeting room is in a library, snacks are permitted.  Business transactions of any kind, however, are not permitted.



For further information about the group, please contact the Group Leaders:   Monica or Marianne